Emotions in branding

This is the smile we should all get when finalising a brand positioning and a mission.

Many thanks to Cuppersun for this great session on their natural sweet. 

When the mission goes beyond the product itself and becomes an engaging pleasure, it delivers a story to tell and to share. It motivates both the brand makers and those collaborating. 

For a brand to engage with Consumers, it should first have this energy among those building it. This kind of session is a great example of authenticity and passion that will reflect in the brand and its mix. It is highly motivating to be part of it, even as an external facilitator.

I do believe in emotions and their power to catch the heart of Consumers. Any Marketer should feel this smile when reading his or her brand positioning. This is the necessary start to reach the extra mile and make sure the end users feel this emotion in the long run.