Seminar: Inspiring leadership :

For an inspiring and motivating management making sense




Over the course of a day, we’ll work with you to develop a storytelling approach that gives your management a strong sense of commitment and inspires leadership. Today, more than ever, your company’s success depends on recruiting, retaining and motivating talent: Your teams, colleagues and management are internal « customers » who need meaningful objectives, a mission and a vision delivered by inspiring management. To do this, you need to attract attention, engage your audience, generate interest in your communication and have strong, inspiring leadership.


  • Assessing your management style
  • Engaging and aligning teams with the mission using storytelling
  • Engaging your teams when speaking
  • Communicating effectively across all media
  • Build a corporate culture dedicated to the mission

[For Whom ?]

This seminar is aimed at company directors, team leaders and managers who want to generate greater commitment from their teams, enable change with agility and motivate.

You’re looking for a practical, human seminar that will give you the benefit of the experience of a former executive and an expert in strategic storytelling, as well as proven, effective tools for developing your teams and yourself.

An approach that offers you effective management that inspires and new leadership that motivates.

A questionnaire will be completed to ensure that the trainee’s personal objectives match those of the programme.



7 hours


From 9 am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm


Face to café or Visio Zoom


None : a working document is handed out

1Reflection: evaluate your Management

  • Keynote: Conference to raise awareness of the theme
  • Taking stock of your strengths as a manager
  • Defining the skills you need
  • Profile and active listening
  • What issues do you face?
  • Defining clear and engaging objectives
  • Real-life exercise: each participant works on his or her management style

2 – How to use storytelling to commit teams to a mission

  • Building the positioning of the department or company
  • Developing a unique and strong identity
  • Branding: translating the identity into the team
  • Creating your personal and company storytelling to capitalise on your history
  • Mission statement
  • Vision: How to achieve your mission
  • Defining values
  • Real exercise: Each participant works on him or herself

3 – Speaking: Engaging your audience

  • Developing messages and content with impact
  • Work on your introduction, content and conclusion
  • Optimising the form: slides and material
  • Working on your position and voice
  • Understanding the psychological dimension
  • Finding your archetype and style
  • Real exercise: Each participant works on a presentation

    4 Communication: communicating effectively through all media

    • Using transactional analysis and DISC
    • Understanding the parameters of effective communication
    • Mastering narrative patterns
    • Defining the ideal channels

    5 – Creating an optimal corporate culture

    • Increase your leadership
    • Customer orientation: How to think empathetically about internal and external customers
    • Corporate culture: How to build a corporate culture in line with your mission


    The terms and conditions and deadlines for access are as follows:

    Trainees are considered to have registered when :

    1. The prerequisites and requirements have been identified and validated
    2. The agreement has been signed
    3. The invoice has been paid

    Registration requests can be sent up to 5 working days before the start of the course.

    A small dose of theory… because it’s important to speak from the same frame of reference.
    Examples and role-playing… to illustrate AND exercises to do based on how you work.
    An animated support will be commented on during the training and you will receive PDF summaries during the course.

    Whether you are recognised as having a disability or not, making our training accessible to everyone is part of our commitment and corresponds to our vision of « respect » (no judgement and no discrimination).
    respect (no judgement and no discrimination).
    If you need compensation or adaptation in terms of content, materials, location, equipment, timetables or pace, we’re here to help! We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to satisfy your needs, but we can
    we can promise you that we will put all our energy into trying.

    [Meet your coach]

    After a career in international marketing and consumer research for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Yoplait and Alpro, Cyril JAMELOT founded Cecydi. He is now a Lecturer and Consultant in Strategic Storytelling and the author of several books, including « I love Marketing » and « Les secrets du Storytelling Stratégique ». He works with brands and those who shape them to help them capture attention and engage consumers through content, from market and consumer research to strategic consultancy and leading strategic storytelling seminars. He is also a regular speaker at business schools on consumer behaviour, innovation and creative marketing. Each intervention is an experience that delivers an impactful message, actionable strategies for measurable results, and teams that rediscover meaning and motivation, to finally generate an optimal customer experience.