A dedicated strategic
coaching and consultancy

Marketing Teams

Since 2009, I’ve helped to develop brands and innovations through creative strategy, differentiating positioning, a relevant value proposition and effective communication.


Marketing techniques are evolving and the criteria for success are becoming increasingly complex. Whether it’s through consultancy or seminars, I make sure that I pass on the skills I’ve learnt, so that my teams are aligned in terms of performance.


Developing your company’s growth or managing the launch of a new product: The key to success is to put forward a value proposition that is supported by the company’s management. I’ve always been keen to help these business experts communicate their offer, so that it matches their expertise.


Competition is increasing in every field and hyper-specialisation is the new trend. That’s why customer-focused, benefits-driven communication is becoming the norm.

Executives and leaders

Motivating your teams and making sense of them in order to recruit and retain talent has become a priority these days. Since 2009, my mission has been to support managers and leaders in their public speaking, charisma and leadership, through a management style in which storytelling enables engaging and motivating communication.


I also help them to get a message across to their teams and motivate them through conferences in which I offer them food for thought and new energy.

Event Managers

For over 15 years now, I’ve been helping to ensure the success of events featuring one or more speakers. The quality of an event depends on both content and form, which is why my aim is to nurture both. I aim to provide content at my conferences, so that the audience can develop their skills, but also to deliver a message with humour and dynamism, so that the audience listens and pays attention tenfold.


I’m committed to building a strong relationship with event managers by ensuring a perfect human, technical and organisational exchange.

Human Resources

Whether at conferences or seminars, I offer a number of ways of enhancing managerial skills, so as to align teams in terms of performance in: management, marketing and communication.

In the context of motivating and engaging teams, my sympathetic interventions help to position teams at both collective and personal levels, through a shared mission and storytelling, in which complementary strengths contribute to the value proposition.

Sales Team

I’ve always been keen to support sales teams in their day-to-day challenges. From auditing to consulting, I provide them with the keys to an effective sales pitch, active listening techniques and successful interviews, for successful sales.


What’s more, their commitment grows after my sessions, in which I raise awareness of commercial responsibility and meaningful human objectives. This approach helps to raise the profile of the sales function.



Vous cherchez à gagner en visibilité, en impact et en pertinence pour attirer l’attention, et motiver dans toutes vos communications ?

Aujourd’hui plus que jamais la communication s’est complexifiée. Il est alors nécessaire de trouver de nouvelles méthodes pour attirer l’attention et se démarquer. Si vous désirez devenir la référence avec votre marque, dans vos prises de parole, dans votre management ou dans votre discours commercial, ce livre vous en donnera les clés.

Livre les secrets du Storytelling Stratégique