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In Communication and Storytelling

Conferences, training courses and seminars to help you stand out and lead your market through performant communication and inspiring leadership!


Motivate your teams and boost your events with inspiring talks on communication, leadership, storytelling and digital marketing


Unique training courses to enhance your communication, strategy, management and sales
skills, using storytelling and creativity


Support for your business plans and communication plans to ensure sustainable growth and optimum return on investment


to succeed

Increasing competition and tight budgets can limit your company’s growth and profitability.
You need a creative strategy, inspiring leadership and effective communication to stand out
from the crowd, as well as a solid, consistent brand identity, in order to build lasting
customer relationships, innovate, adapt or gain visibility in an unprecedented volume of

My aim is to inspire and coach you in this growth with a tailor made solution according to
the size of your business, through a strategy and communication that uses the latest trends
with the lowest possible investment.

I worked in major multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Danone Alpro and have been
working with companies of all sizes for over 15 years, offering them the techniques I
gathered and applied over the years.

« Comment finir une convention de franchise et booster ses équipes ?
Simple : faites intervenir Cyril Jamelot, avec le sujet ,storytelling, il arrive à capter, et créer une cohésion, une dynamique d’entreprise autour de la marque et de son image. » – Michel ROUSSEAU



Conferences on communication, storytelling, leadership and digital marketing, with a
rhythm to motivate the audience. After all, there’s nothing more engaging than a brand with
a strong identity, inspiring management and a mission that makes sense, while offering real
added value. 6 key conferences to share experiences, with humour and kindness, without
the audience looking at its watch!



Training and seminars to build inspiring, actionable skills. The aim is to achieve team cohesion and greater commitment to the mission, as well as training in communication, management, sales, customer experience and digital marketing. You’ll benefit from dynamic sessions, led with energy and goodwill, to help you work better together!

 « J’ai été impressionné par la qualité de la présentation et le formidable changement dans leur Storytelling. Le commentaire que j’ai reçu de mon équipe à la fin de la journée était: “toutes les présentations ont été bien meilleures que l’année dernière grâce à la formation avec Cyril. »

Patrice Greze
Business Executive Officer – Nestlé

« Alignant des notions connues avec une vision actualisée, Cyril vous offre l’opportunité de grandir, d’évoluer et de gagner en cohérence et pertinence dans vos communications vers vos clients et prospects avec un profond souci d’authenticité. »

Thierry Noé
IT Governance Support chez Total

« Cyril a embarqué et motivé notre équipe commerciale, au travers de sa conférence, avec humour, impact et énergie. Du briefing à la réalisation, nos échanges ont été un réel plaisir. »

Sébastien Lescop
CEO chez Cloud Temple



Do you wish to gain visibility, impact and relevancy to attract attention and engage in all your communications?

Today, more than ever, communication has become more complex. It is then necessary to
find new methods to attract attention and stand out. If you want to stand out and become
the reference with your brand, in your speeches, in your management or in your sales
speech, this book will give you the necessary keys.

Livre les secrets du Storytelling Stratégique


Des idées et des conseils pour vous aider à développer votre entreprise.

Quelques unes de mes vidéos sur la communication