Communication Keynote Speaker :
Convince and engage with Storytelling

Keynote 1

    The power of influence: communication & storytelling

    Discover strategic Storytelling for communication that gets people talking about you:
    Whatever your external or internal communication objectives, you will obtain the
    fundamental parameters to be impactful, relevant and credible, in order to influence
    behaviors. A conference to help you ENGAGE and CONVINCE in any situation and with every
    audience with an inspiring leadership!


    An intervention punctuated with humor, experience and expertise for “IMPECCABLEcommunication!


    You will find in this conference:

    • Why storytelling and strategic thinking
    • The parameters of effective communication
    • How to be customer oriented
    • The keys to attracting attention, convincing and motivating

    « J’ai fait appel aux services de Cyril Jamelot dans le cadre d’une conférence sur le storytelling. il a réussi à être explicite tout en étant concis face à un public pas nécessairement aguerri sur le sujet, et cela en captant l’attention du début à la fin. » – Mathieu VELTRI

    Keynote 2

      A leadership that inspires, motivate and engage

      A conference to give you a boost! How good internal communication and relevant corporate culture can engage and motivate teams, thanks to customer-oriented, adapted and multicultural discourse that inspires and ultimately aligns. Inspiration is the healthiest method, because it comes from personal choice, following the exposure of solutions. It allows engagement and motivation at a higher level through storytelling, boosting your leadership!

      A dynamic, funny, lively conference adapted to your challenges!

      You will find in this keynote:

      • Why storytelling and the keys to communication
      • The parameters of effective communication
      • The steps to inspiring leadership
      • Communication of different management methods
      • The keys to inspire, align and motivate

      « Excellent orateur, Cyril est à l’écoute de vos questionnements personnels. Alignant des notions connues avec une vision actualisée, Cyril vous offre l’opportunité de grandir, d’évoluer et de gagner en cohérence et pertinence dans vos communications vers vos clients et prospects avec un profond souci d’authenticité. » – Thierry NOÉ

      Keynote 3

        CSR deserves a strong storytelling

        A conference that provides actionable keys: how to have a marketing strategy and CSR communication that is credible and scalable, in order to participate in the sustainable development of your company or your brand. How to ensure that your storytelling engages your audience without being counterproductive, but a real asset that is reflected in your values.

        A provocative but caring moment that demonstrates true societal responsibility: communication that invites change!

        You will find in this keynote:

        • Why storytelling and the keys to communication
        • The parameters of effective CSR communication
        • How to be credible
        • The keys to convincing and motivating change

        « J’ai eu l’occasion de découvrir Cyril Jamelot lors d’une conférence sur le Storytelling. C’est un feu d’artifice que j’ai pu voir sur scène! Cyril est un véritable show-man qui dépoussière le genre.
        Il délivre des concepts clés dans une conférence rythmée par des fous rires, récréations nécessaires pour faire passer les messages qu’il nous transmet. » – ThÉO DUVERGER

        Keynote 4

          Stand out and lead your market with a unique branding

          A conference to become the reference and make your brand the “favorite” of your potential customers. Discover how storytelling in branding allows you to work on positioning, with a customer orientation that emphasizes benefits. It therefore offers your brand or your company a value proposition that makes the difference, through a unique and relevant identity.

          A passionate intervention tinged with international experience, which makes you want to
          put the brand on top of the podium!

          You will find in this keynote:

          • Why storytelling and the keys to communication
          • The parameters of effective branding
          • How to be customer oriented
          • The keys to being visible, unique and motivating purchase

          « J’ai eu l’occasion de voir Cyril lors de son intervention à l’Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels en octobre 2017. Cyril a emmené la salle dans un véritable One Man Show. C’est un conférencier qui maîtrise le storytelling sur le bout des doigts et qui sait gérer les feed-backs de son public avec humour. Merci à toi pour ces moments au top ! » – Maxime TARCHER

          Keynote 5

            Master your Social selling and digital marketing

            Today, more than ever, the success of your business depends on communication and digital sales: Social Selling. Your customers must access the key information that will motivate their purchase, without any effort. To do this, you must attract attention, engage your audience, generate interest in your value proposition, in order to have visibility and a call to action in an environment saturated with messages and in which the Omnichannel must be even stronger.

            A conference that motivates sales teams to sell digitally and business leaders to use omnichannel and social selling optimally!

            You will find in this keynote:

            • Why storytelling and the keys to communication
            • The parameters of an effective digital presence
            • How to master social selling
            • The keys to being visible, relevant and credible to generate leads

            « Great, responsible speaker, who has valuable insights to share with the audience. He provides not only theory, his presentation is full of practical examples. Excellent public speaking skills. It was easy and nice to work with Cyril. » – Egle Lapkute

            Keynote 6

              Storytelling and luxury marketing

              How to have a value proposition in luxury marketing, which remains strong on the key parameters of quality, scarcity, commitment and price, while inspiring on all levels of the Maslow pyramid, in order to achieve or maintain exclusivity. Discover how to build strong storytelling, in order to create and maintain ambassadors who communicate on top of your own ads and are therefore more credible.

              An intervention that awakens people to the added value of communication in luxury, and the way in which it is conveyed.

              You will find in this keynote:

              • Why storytelling
              • The parameters of success in luxury
              • How to stay or become exclusive
              • The keys to standing out, having a strong story and unquestionable price positioning